We accept your gently used equine items for both the horse and rider! Our consignment period is 9 months for most items, with saddles, blankets and other specialty items being consigned for longer.

Not sure if we will take your item? Just give us a call or message us for a quick and easy response.

How consignment works?

Bring in your gently used items.  We will price them based on their price new, their condition, and what has sold previously in store.  If you have a price in mind, we will definitely consider that as well! Just let us know.

The important stuff...

  • for items that sell below $200, you receive 50% of the proceeds

  • for items that sell for $200-$500, you receive 65% of the proceeds

  • for items that sell for more than $500, you receive 75% of the proceeds

All items must be gently-used, freshly cleaned, and not in need of repair or have missing parts.  For various reasons, we cannot accept the following items:

  • Buckets

  • Clippers or clipping blades

  • Grooming tools

  • Helmets

  • Hair bows

  • Low-quality cowboy boots

  • Overly-patched horse clothing

  • Perishable items

  • Pull-on tall boots

  • Rubber tack attachments

  • Saddle pads (other than basically-new, high-quality pads)

  • Socks

  • Scarves

  • Non equestrian items

Please note the above list are items we cannot take at this time. This list does change depending on space limitations. 

We currently cannot except any dressage or western saddles however, we currently do have a wait list! Just send us the information on your saddle and we will add you!!

Now you have dropped off your items and wondering how you can check what has sold and also what the prices are?

After you dropped off your items and we have priced them you will receive an email with your specific log in information!