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Perfect Prep  MetaLyte

Perfect Prep MetaLyte


MetaLyte™ is formulated to support optimal electrolyte balance while supplying protective GastricProtec™ Aloe Vera Complex for enhanced gastric integrity.

  • Unlike other electrolyte formulas that may irritate gastric lining, MetaLyte’s GastricProtec™ technology with Aloe Vera soothes the digestive tract for comfortable delivery and enhanced absorption.
  • Provides Sodium to encourage water intake and maintain proper hydration in hardworking horses.
  • Supplies Potassium Chloride to dilate blood vessels and oxygenate working muscle tissues to optimize stamina and muscle performance.
  • Provides Chloride to neutralize the body’s acid-base balance (pH level) to preserve nervous system integrity during prolonged intense exercise.
  • Provides minerals Magnesium and Calcium, also lost during sweat production, to maintain optimal nervous system function.
  • Delivers Betaine to promote cellular water retention and regulate proper hydration during periods of increased sweat production.
  • Supplies L-Glutamine to combat muscle fatigue during strenuous work.
  • Industry-leading palatability that tastes great to even the pickiest horses.
  • Sugar Free and Dye Free.
  • Contains no prohibited substances
  • How to use


    Suggested Use: Use included 15 gram scoop to add powder to feed or water. 1 scoop = 1 dose.

    Competitive Level: Administer 1 scoop AM and 1 scoop PM.

    Maintenance Level: Administer 1 scoop daily.

  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: Salt, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Silicate, Betaine Anhydrous, Magnesium Malate, Calcium Citrate, L-Glutamine, Thiamine Mononitrate, Aloe Vera Gel Extract.

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