Quart= $22.95

Gallon= $74.95


Oil-based fly sprays have a tendency to attract dirt and dust to your horse's coat, but with Pyranha's Water Based Fly Spray that problem is solved.

Equine Spray & Wipe Water Based Formula provides the same benefits as Pyranha's Wipe & Spray fly spray by killing and repelling a variety of insects such as flies, mosquitos, fleas, gnats, ticks and lice. 

Pyrahna Spray & Wipe - water based

  • Remove excess dirt and dust with a brush or with a bath if needed. If bathed, allow the horse to dry before treating. Spray 1-2 ounces as a light mist while brushing lightly against the hair. The spray can also be applied to a clean cloth or sponge and then wiped on the horse's body. Avoid contact with mucous membranes.