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Perfect Prep Perfect Block

Perfect Prep Perfect Block


Perfect Blok™ is the ethical solution for your horse’s stiffness and soreness from everyday training and showing.

  • Fast-acting and ethical pre-event formula works to mitigate everyday soreness.
  • Ideal for when NSAIDs are limited, prohibited or not desired.
  • Benign on your horse's sensitive gastric system.
  • May be safely stacked with veterinary prescribed medications.
  • Appropriate for pre-event or extended use.
  • Contains no prohibited substances.


Perfect Blok™ offers prompt, ethical soreness support. It is ideal for pre-event preparation where NSAID’s are limited or prohibited and is especially useful for horses who exhibit a negative gastric response to NSAIDs. Perfect Blok™’s ethical, quick-acting stiffness and soreness support formula contains only naturally occurring ingredients.

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